ATC Companies

The home of Innovation

A large number of hi-tech companies have established offices in the inspiring surroundings of the Aerospace Technology Centre in Wildau.

AneCom AeroTest GmbH

AneCom AeroTest provides services for the aviation and gas turbine industry, with a full range of services encompassing everything from construction to hardware procurement, assembly and even aerodynamic component testing. This includes both the production and application of instrumentation, and the complete analysis of component parts.

Aerojones Aviation Technology Germany GmbH & Co. KG

Aerojones Aviation Technology GmbH, headquartered in Taiwan, opened its first presence in Germany in the Aerospace Technology Centre in Wildau. The engineering office for the development, manufacture and sale of aircraft and related services started with an eight-man international team.


Berlin-Brandenburg Aerospace Allianz e.V.

The Berlin-Brandenburg Aerospace Allianz e.V. (BBAA) is the industry association representing the aerospace industry in the Berlin-Brandenburg region surrounding the German capital. From highly specialised small companies to globally active corporate groups, the association, which has around 100 members, represents a broad spectrum of aerospace companies, research institutes and universities. 



In 2016 14 founding members of the association CURPAS e.V. (Civil Use of Remotely Pilotes Aircraft Systems) to advance the civil use, research and development of unmanned systems (primarily flight systems) in the Brandenburg/ Berlin region and beyond. The association consists of companies and scientific institutions, which are mainly located in the Brandenburg/ Berlin region, with the aim of using and further developing the future topic of innovations in unmanned systems.

Delta System Solutions

Delta System Solutions are independent aviation Safety and Reliability specialists. We provide expert services in all aspects of Safety and Reliability Engineering, from component failure analysis and reliability predictions to the development of complete safety cases for complex systems. Our extensive experience in the aviation industry has enabled us also to apply our best practices to other domains such as space, rail and automotive.


Research Division Polymeric Materials and Composites PYCO of Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP

The PYCO research division of the Fraunhofer IAP develops highly cross-linked polymers (reactive resins/duroplasts) for applications in all industries, and in particular for transport technology (primarily aviation), for information and communication technology and for equipment technology. PYCO has, among other things, set up a multifunctional horizontal impregnation and coating plant at the Aerospace Technology Centre in Wildau. 

FTI Engineering Network GmbH

FTI is a specialist in video-based security and entertainment systems for the aviation sector. With their innovative camera, video and sensor system solutions, the company helps to make air traffic more secure, more efficient and more pleasant, both inside and outside the aircraft. Both on the ground and in the air.

FTT Deutschland GmbH

FTT Deutschland GmbH is a specialist for turbomachinery and aircraft and aerospace engines. The company develops, constructs and tests gas turbines, turbopumps and components for commercial and military applications in the aerospace sector. Furthermore, the development of industrial applications for energy generation is also one of the core activities of FTT. FTT has its headquarters in Jupiter in Florida.

Gexx Aviation GmbH

Gexx Aviation GmbH offers comprehensive know-how in the areas of aviation consulting, leasing & finance as well as maintenance, repair & operations. With the new branch office in Wildau, the family company is strengthening its presence in the capital region. In addition to locations in Schönefeld and Berlin, the Gexx Group is also represented in Palma de Mallorca. Gexx Aviation GmbH starts with ten employees at the Wildau site.

GHC Global Health Care GmbH

GHC Global Health Care GmbH was founded in 2001 as a spin-off of Charité Berlin and has since made it its mission to combine medical competence with innovative technology. The aim is to make the emergency medicine competence of excellent service providers, such as Charité, available everywhere in the world – even in places where there are no doctors physically in attendance. GHC develops the technology for their products in joint ventures with universities, higher education institutes and industrial partners.

navtec Remoto GmbH

The area of expertise of this company, which was founded in 1997, is the development of circuitry and systems used for digital signal processing, radio-based navigation and digital reception technology. This includes a wide variety of applications from emergency position indicating radio beacons (EPIRBs) for all conventional satellite systems to taximeter printers and industrial data transmission, and even includes high reliability remote control systems for large model aircraft and drones.

Rotor West GmbH

Rotor West GmbH is an aviation design office that develops and certifies the M450 unmanned aerial vehicle. This is a controlled quadcopter with a load capacity of 450 kg, which allows you to work in three environments: water, earth, air and will be used in the field of firefighting, agriculture, cargo operations.

TITUS Research GmbH

TITUS Research GmbH conducts applied contract research and development along the entire value chain for unmanned autonomous surface vehicles on land (road, agriculture and forestry, construction machinery), at water (focus: inland vessels) and for unmanned autonomous aircraft systems (UAS).
This combination results in enormous benefits for our research partners and clients, as R&D results can be achieved faster and more reliably through synergy effects.

Alberding GmbH

Alberding GmbH develops and markets software and system solutions in the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) sector. The products are employed for purposes such as the precise positioning of machines, the navigation of persons and in the GIS sector. Server-based solutions are available for deploying GNSS correction data, for tracking vehicles and for monitoring premises.  

FINETECH Feinmechanische Werkstätten GmbH

FINETECH is specialised in the production of high-precision components in single parts or small batches.
Since November 2019, FINETECH Feinmechanische Werkstätten GmbH has been operating four machines in the field of 5-axis simultaneous milling and CNC turning with driven tools in Wildau. A modern measuring room with optically tactile measuring devices and a 3D coordinate measuring machine will be added soon.

FIRA® group of companies

The name FIRA® has been a synonym for experience, competence and performance capacity for more than 20 years now. The objective pursued by the individual specialist companies within the FIRA® group is the uncompromising, high quality and innovative reconstruction, modernisation, renovation and regeneration of buildings.


For more than 50 years, our name has stood for a high level of technical expertise, reliability and innovative solutions in pipeline and plant construction. Top priority is given to the reliability and cost-effectiveness of our solutions – for the benefit of our clients. We base this on a combination of cutting-edge technology and the knowledge and experience of more than 500 qualified employees at six different locations in Germany. This gives us the security of our own expertise and makes VORWERK one of the most efficient German companies in pipeline and plant construction for industry, municipalities and energy providers.



Engineer office Nico Richter

IBR offers a wide range of professional design services in relation to fire prevention and protection programs such as preparation of fire risk control and protection concepts as part of the building permission process. That full range of services covers all design and management phases in accordance to AHO paper no. 17. IBR is furthermore specialized in the preparation of complete sets fire of protection and prevention plans and documents such as Fire escape and rescue plans in accordance to DIN ISO 23601. In conclusion IBR offers a complete range of fire protection and prevention design services incl. preparation of related drawings and documents.

McPhy Energy Deutschland GmbH

McPhy Energy Deutschland GmbH is a European provider of hydrogen system solutions. The company builds and operates high efficiency, dynamic alkaline electrolysis systems for the production of hydrogen, as well as innovative hydrogen solid-fuel storage systems/hydrogen storage in solid form (patented). The integrated plant systems are able to perfectly satisfy the different requirements placed on them by industry and energy markets.

ME Energy - Liquid Electricity GmbH

ME Energy develops the future of charging infrastructure. The charging station generates its own carbon-neutral power on site, making it grid-independent. 200km of range can be charged within 10 minutes.

OBERON GmbH Fiber Technologies

OBERON GmbH Fiber Technologies is a company operating in the photonics sector, with a key focus on applications for optical technologies in medicine and industry. OBERON designs, develops and produces special fibre-optic components for therapeutic medical lasers and medical diagnostics, as well as for optical measuring technology in sensor systems and analytics. 

Steffel KKS GmbH

Steffel KKS GmbH, with headquarters in Lachendorf near Celle, is one of the market leaders in its industry. Their experience and innovative drive cover all facets of the area of cathodic corrosion protection. Customers not only include inter-regional natural gas and crude oil producers and distributors, but also more than 70 communal gas utilities.


Unsere Arbeit beginnt dort, wo Standardprodukte nicht mehr ausreichen, wo für Ihr Geschäft exzellente Lösungen benötigt werden. Durch das Bündeln von frischen Ideen und erfahrenen Kräften planen und entwickeln wir kundenspezifische Systemlösungen. Unser Portfolio umfasst den Betrieb von Netzwerkinfrastrukturen, die individuelle Softwareentwicklung sowie das Design und die Betreuung von Webprojekten.

Tachofresh GmbH

Working in close cooperation with the Informatics/Telematics research division at the Wildau Technical University of Applied Sciences, Tachofresh develops solutions for the transport and logistics industry which allow driver data and vehicle data from digital tachographs to be archived and analysed, and social reports to be generated from the driver data and then exported in CSV and PDF format. From their offices in Wildau and Munich, Tachofresh and its 15 employees currently attend to more than 2,000 customers all across Europe. 


Die via.ADICOM GbR betreibt ein lokales Rechenzentrum in Kooperation mit der viasolution IT professional GmbH und der ADICOM Consulting GmbH. Es werden klassische Rechenzentrums-Leistungen sowie Cloud- und Managed Services insbesondere für lokale Unternehmen angeboten und realisiert.