Wildau Technical University

International Junior Academics

Companies with headquarters in the Aerospace Technology Centre are located in the middle of Germany’s densest university and research network. Wildau Technical University of Applied Sciences is practically on the doorstep, with about 4,000 students from Germany and overseas pursuing degrees in more than 30 courses of study, including dual training programs and courses of study completed while working.

Within Germany, the largest (technical) college in the state of Brandenburg has held a leading position in applied research for years now, and has a well-established reputation as a centre of competence for key scientific disciplines. This includes classic faculties such as mechanical engineering, automation technology and physical engineering, as well as the newer faculties of biosciences and life science, logistics and applied informatics/telematics, and aviation technology and regenerative energy technology.

This is where hi-tech companies will find the highly qualified specialists they are looking for.

More information: www.th-wildau.de